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Ensuring Real Change from Farm to Cup

We roast specialty coffee beans grown and processed from some of the highest elevations in Guatemala. We don’t just deal with coffee. We live it. It’s always been a part of our family history, which is why we are here changing the way coffee is bought and sold. This goes beyond “Direct Trade”. The bond we have with our producers involves generations of culture which can’t be bought.

our story

Cafe Orgullo Celeste was born from the need of providing a more sustainable future for my family in Guatemala. In 2015, after visiting them in the town of Fraijanes, I first saw what a coffee plant was and how difficult it was to grow, pick, and process. I realized how little money was earned by the families in the region for their backbreaking work – not nearly enough to sustain their livelihoods at global market prices. I returned to the U.S. with the mission to improve the quality of life for my family and their workers. Through the collaboration and trust of the producers in Fraijanes, Cafe Orgullo Celeste has finally introduced their high-elevation coffee beans to the world – with sustainable pricing, in spite of the low global market prices.

The property itself now known as Finca San Martín has been owned by the Valenzuela Family for 5 generations. This majestic land spans 162 acres and perches at the top of “El Chocolate”, a mountain surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation and hundred year old trees. In addition to the beautiful landscape you can also find non-gmo corn, a variety of citrus trees and a watercress plantation at the base of the property.

fair wages &
sustainable sourcing


We pay our producers above premium pricing regardless of what the world market prices say. We also pay our producers a higher percentage if we sell their coffee beans for a higher price. This ensures real sustainability on both ends. We also provide services like soil testing, every level of quality control, and roast profiling to all of our sources to ensure the highest quality coffee bean is provided to our consumers. 

fraijanes, guatemala

Here’s a peek into a coffee roasting session and a video of our last visit in 2020 overseeing the processing of coffee from my family’s farm (Finca San Martin, 1640-1675m) in Fraijanes, Guatemala. Also featured is Finca Santa Luisa where we process our coffee.

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Finca San Martin

The Finca San Martin has been in our family for 5 generations. It lies at the top of a mountain that locals in Fraijanes refer to as “El Chocolate”. Our finca produces both Red Catuai & Bourbon varietals on a 162-acre property, that also has a variety of citrus trees, cypress trees & a river with a watercress plantation.


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