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Ensuring Real Change from Farm to Cup
We roast specialty coffee beans grown and processed from some of the highest elevations in Guatemala. We don’t just deal with coffee. We live it. It’s always been a part of our family history, which is why we are here changing the way coffee is bought and sold. This goes beyond “Direct Trade”. The bond we have with our producers involves generations of culture which can’t be bought.


Hurricane Eta was a deadly, erratic, long-lived, and powerful Category 4 hurricane that killed at least 165 people and became the second-most intense November Atlantic hurricane on record, only behind the 1932 Cuba hurricane. – Wikipedia

“Chapinxs Pin” Representing our Guatemalan Cafeterxs. 75% of each sale will be donated to a charitable organization or cause. With the current unfortunate events caused by Hurricane Eta across Central America, we’ve decided to split the proceeds between a few different disaster relief efforts that will directly help those affected.

Price: $10 each includes shipping. Please enter your shipping address in paypal to ensure proper delivery. 

Our Story

San Martin was originally named El Chocolate. Locals still refer to our mountain as El Chocolate. Owned by my family for 5 generations, it was known for producing honey and coffee at the turn of the century. My family now grows various vegetables but specializes in specialty coffee production. It was renamed San Martin by my mother’s great great grandfather after a miracle was performed on him by the saint. I’m very excited to get the rest of the story from my great aunt Laurita when I go back in a couple of weeks. I’m also really excited to talk to my Uncle Moncho(Second pic on the right) who day in and day out tends to the entire 162 acre property. The 22 sacks of coffee from San Martin sitting in our storage are the 1st sacks of coffee to be exported outside of Guatemala. Really proud moment for my family. The coffee lots sit between 1640-1675 meters above sea level. 

fair wages & sustainable sourcing

We pay our producers above premium pricing regardless of what the world market prices say. We also pay our producers a higher percentage if we sell their coffee beans for a higher price. This ensures real sustainability on both ends. We also provide services like soil testing, every level of quality control, and roast profiling to all of our sources to ensure the highest quality coffee bean is provided to our consumers.

The goal is and always will be to help get producers paid. Today with the help of a couple fellow born n raised Angelinos of El Salvadorean and Mexican descent we sent quite a bit of coffee to a Saudi Arabian Cafe. With the roasting services of @elcielitocafe we managed to fullfill our largest order to date. Big day for Fraijanes and everyone involved.

community news

If you’re ever in Tijuana, go to Las Playas & grab a drink at @undocumentedcafe_tijuana. Support is needed to continue supporting our sisters, brothers, and their families while they fight for the right to live. Thanks again to Danny and @elcielitocafe for always having our back. We’ll be organizing something to help out both the  Cafe and @borderangelsofficial real soon. 


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