Cafe Orgullo Celeste

Ensuring real change from farm to cup. Specialty coffee beans grown and processed from some of the highest elevations in Guatemala.

Our Story

Our coffee is sourced from multigenerational specialty coffee producers across the volcanic fertile land of Guatemala. Their hard work and generational knowledge is shared through every single coffee bean with one goal in mind – to provide the world with the highest quality coffee from some of the highest elevations in the world.

people driven

We pay our producers above premium pricing regardless of what the world market prices say. We also pay our producers a higher percentage if we sell their coffee beans for a higher price. This ensures real sustainability on both ends. We also provide services like soil testing, every level of quality control, and roast profiling to all of our sources to ensure the highest quality coffee bean is provided to our consumers.
This relationship and bond goes a step deeper as (since) we have our own families farms included in our collective of specialty coffee producers.  

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If you’re ever in Tijuana, go to Las Playas & grab a drink at @undocumentedcafe_tijuana. Support is needed to continue supporting our sisters, brothers, and their families while they fight for the right to live. Thanks again to Danny and @elcielitocafe for always having our back. We’ll be organizing something to help out both the  Cafe and @borderangelsofficial real soon. 


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